The way in which we manage your personal information is described here - read on to discover more about this aspect.

Personal Information

Some details such as billing and contact info are critical to making the order successfully. Be assured that this kind of personal information is kept absolutely confidential. We use it only in the event of order-related questions. The way we use provided private data in no way implies sharing it with any external entities for commercial purposes or promotional offers. The only acceptable way it is used would be to inform our customers of any order-related issues or changes. In very rare cases, we will contact you via phone. It typically involves urgent orders, when the instructions are way too unclear, or we can't open attached documents.

Information about visitors

The information regarding customer's internet browser and operating system becomes open to our company once they go to our web-site. We by no means provide this info to any third-party organizations, and it's put to use only inside our company to improve the content and quality of our website and make the design best suited to just about every customer.

Web Cookies

Our company does marketing analysis with the help of Google Analytics which automatically keeps your internet cookies (data files which are saved on your device anytime you browse). Cookies keep details about the person's Internet browser activity but do not give any personal data. In the end, we are given summarized cookie data analysis reports from Google to further improve the website.

Links to External Resources

In case we place some links to other resources on this site, keep in mind that we cannot be held accountable for any material or problems associated with those resources. Our writing service regularly reviews and tweaks our Privacy Policy section. Please do not forget to revisit this Online Privacy Policy section to see if any changes were made.