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Good education has always been costly. Getting a degree in any higher education establishment, whether it is in the United States, Great Britain, or Japan, always involves enormous expenditures which sometimes amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially if you have set your mind up to enrol in one of the Ivy League universities or Cambridge. Some parents start saving money for their child's education from the first years of his or her life because they are well aware that a prestigious degree always comes at a price.

Unfortunately, some parents cannot afford to pay for the education of their children. We know plenty of examples where a gifted child never gets a chance to realize his or her full potential just because of the financial situation in the family. However, they still can have a chance of getting a degree at one of the best colleges and universities in the world because there are plenty of scholarship programs which offer such an opportunity.

Getting a scholarship is a great way to ensure your education. If you consider yourself a brilliant student but your parents have enough money just to pay for your accommodation and food, you should definitely consider writing an essay for a scholarship. But be prepared to meet fierce competition because scholarships are usually awarded to a very limited number of students, while the number of applicants is just enormous. You would have to make an unforgettable impression on the committee and the sponsors, and convince them that you are worthy of their help. The essay is one of the best ways of achieving such goal. It should be an inspirational well-refined and thoughtful piece of writing which makes a great and lasting impression. But what if you are an outstanding mathematician or physician who does not possess the required extraordinary skills in literary writing? Or you are an introvert who is not really fond of the idea of sharing personal thoughts and goals with other people and often think “who can write my scholarship essay in the UK?”. Well, you may have a vast knowledge of any other subject, but there are only a limited number of scholarship programs that are based only on the application form. In most cases, the essay is an essential part of any scholarship application – you simply have to write it in order to receive the financing.

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