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Animal Farm Essay — Components of a Good Writing

Each time you read a book you like, you want the pleasure you derive from it to last as long as possible — much the same way as you do when you watch your favorite movie. What makes it even more enjoyable is the fact that there is no need to think about any critical elements, such as deeper meaning, symbolism or character analysis

However, when it comes to writing the essay on an animal farm, things change quite drastically. If faced with the challenge, the student needs to provide an in-depth analysis of the entire plot and characters to show their good understanding of the subject and earn the best grade. Why is it so important? Because every essay’s grade contributes to both the final course grade and grade point average (GPA), the latter being an indicator of their over academic achievement.

As far as he the suggested books are concerned, students have no other option but to read them from cover to cover. Why? Because their teachers know them, quite literally, by heart, so there is no way you can prove to them you have read the entire book by citing some commonly known facts about it. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to watch a movie based on the book, but keep in mind that not all books are made into movies.

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s proceed to discuss the animal farm essay structure and other essential info that may prove useful to you when dealing with the task

What to Write in an Essay about Animal Farm?

On the one hand, it makes things a lot easier for the students when their teacher provides them with a specific topic to cover. On the other, having no topic requires a student to conduct some research to select a relevant and interesting question, which is both time and effort consuming.

So, what does the process of choosing the best topic involve? Let’s have a look at the below recommendations:

  1. Read fragments of the suggested books to decide which plot you like best.
  2. If you are free to choose your own book, pick the one you’ve read and analyzed before.
  3. Brainstorm all animal farm essay ideas with your fellow students or family members and write them down on a separate sheet of paper. If they do not have time for that, ask your professor for help.
  4. Find related sources and collect up-to-date information proving your main argument — thesis statement. Exclude a topic from the list of options if not enough data is available.
  5. Keep in mind that your title and topic should not be identical.

20 Extraordinary Animal Farm Essay Topics

  1. Comparing the main approaches in Snowball and Napoleon.
  2. Symbolism in the image of a Boxer.
  3. Protagonists in ‘Animal Farm.’
  4. The correlation between the Russian Revolution and Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm.’
  5. The naivete of the working class in the novel.
  6. The way each animal represents a matching human being.
  7. The central idea of ‘Animal Farm.’
  8. Propaganda in animal farm essay.
  9. The windmill as a symbol of pigs’ power.
  10. The Hen’s Revolution & its connection to the real-world history.
  11. Things that symbolize the power of communism in ‘Animal Farm.’
  12. The idea of corruption in the novel.
  13. An analogy of power.
  14. An evaluation of manipulation.
  15. Snowball — character analysis.
  16. The significance of the Boxer.
  17. The meaning of Squealer.
  18. The language used by the pigs to control other animals.
  19. The way Napoleon corrupted Old Major and Snowball’s socialist ideas.
  20. Reasons why people are inclined to divide themselves into classes.

How to Write a Good Essay on Animal Farm?

Before starting to work on your paper, read the book through, putting down any crucial ideas while reading. Please, note that it is possible to find free samples of Animal Farm papers on the web to get an overall idea of how this type of essay should look, so you’re highly recommended to do that as well.

The structure template aka outline should be in front of your eyes at all times and look something like this:

  • Introduction. Introduce the book and its author; listing the main problems discussed in it, including background info; explain the importance of the story and finish with a thesis statement (claim).
  • Body paragraphs. Come up with three topic sentences to support the claim; defend arguments one by one using evidence from credible sources found during research; conclude each paragraph. It’s also a good idea to describe several different political conflicts in three separate body paragraphs to prove that Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ is nothing but a politically inspired story full of allegories.
  • Conclusion. Paraphrase the thesis statement from the opening paragraph; summarize the main points stated in the body paragraphs; draw parallels between the book and the real world; end with a hook sentence to leave a lasting and profound impression on the reader (a rhetorical question or another literary quote might do the job well).
  • Bibliography. Provide a full list of used materials.

If you still have trouble understanding what writing the Animal Farm essay involves, check out the below examples for some valuable insights.

Animal Farm Essay Introduction Example

Animal farm essay prompts might be different, but the fundamental principle of the introduction remains the same at all times.

‘All animals are equal, but some animals are standing out with their equality.’
In his “‘Animal Farm,’ Orwell looks into several issues, such as leadership, corruption, lies, deception, absolute control over the working class, and broken dreams. The story which centers around the Russian Revolution and development of communism begins to unfold when the animals decide that pigs should rule. Their struggle represents the political conflict between two opposing factions in the USSR — one led by Joseph Stalin and the other headed by Leon Trotsky. The farther you read into the novel, the more you can’t help having the impression that the reason why Napoleon and Stalin keep on winning is that they have the most power and support. In this essay, we will try to prove that a country’s political regime mostly depends on its leader, as well as a division of power among minorities.

Animal Farm Essay Conclusion Example

Let’s see what a conclusion for an animal farm essay may look like:

Even though it is a valuable lesson for people to learn, I did not like the conclusion of ‘Animal Farm’ because it was pretty depressing. It is obvious that the author describes Russian socialists because the pigs that used to control things end up adopting a stance which is contrary to the revolutionary ideal, thus failing to accomplish their goal. The author shows that it is impossible for the pigs to build an equal, free, and fair community because they are just unable to stop being greedy. Interestingly, we can say as much about many modern politicians, that is just Orwell’s way of showing the global political situation through the prism of animals’ relationships.

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