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Art Essay Writing Tips and Ideas for Your "A+"

Art is an expression of life and human emotions. Most artists convey their life experiences through their artwork, and this is exactly what makes a lot of people relate to the finished product. The general concept of art includes mostly drawings, paintings, and sculptures, but in fact, art is much more than that and extends to music, photography, filmmaking, ceramics, printmaking and many more. Examples of famous artworks include Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, The Girl With a Pearl Earring, The Sleeping Gypsy and many more.

What Is an Art Essay?

Any essay that describes art or its history can be referred to as an art essay. There is no denying the fact that most students struggle when writing art essays because it is far more technical than the average essay. That is perfectly understandable, and even the most seasoned writers sometimes struggle to come up with an essay of this type. The good news is that with enough writing experience and proper guidelines, any student can write quality essays about art.

Tips for Writing Essays About Art Easily

Writing an art essay can be compared to solving a jigsaw puzzle: you search for the missing pieces until the jigsaw is fully assembled. The first item on your list of art essay writing tips and ideas should, therefore, read like this: put all pieces of the puzzle, i.e., your essay, together. The next step involves doing extensive research on the artist that created the artwork, including their technique and personal style. You can find lots of useful information on the Internet, but traditional 'brick and mortar' libraries shouldn't be discounted either. Compose a draft of how you plan on writing the art essay, which will make it a lot easier for you to come up with a well-written essay.

Let's consider the below example in which you are expected to write an essay describing your favorite painting 'A Lady Writing A Letter' by Johannes Vermeer.

  1. Step one
    Make small notes describing what you see in the painting and what you think about it. There is no need to make full-fledged sentences:
    • There is a lady sitting on a chair.
    • The interior domestic space setting.
    • Extreme attention to details.
    • There are ribbons in her hair.
    • There are pearls in her earrings.
    • A feather in a quill.
    • She has a luminous skin.
    • She is wearing a fur robe.
    • Warm yellow, deep turquoise, high contrast, neutral background.
  2. Step two
    Based on your observation, describe the painting in a nutshell:
    This painting can be best described as:
    • Royalty;
    • Youthfulness;
    • The picture is a three-quarter view of a woman writing a letter.
  3. Step three
    Make short notes of what the artist has achieved in the painting based on your visual observation:
    Vermeer's painting effectively places the viewer in the center of a private moment, providing them with extraordinarily realistic details. We engage directly with the lady who appears to be irradiated with a kind of ethereal luminosity.
  4. Step four
    Put all of the things you came up with after a brainstorming session into paragraphs.

It is worth pointing out that understanding the topic will go a long way toward producing an excellently written art essay. Now that you are fully prepared to write your article, the next thing to do is to come up with an introduction for your essay. Most introductions usually contain the thesis, which is a statement that introduces the main idea of the entire essay in one or two sentences. Once the introduction has been taken care of, it's time to move on to the body of the essay, and this is where all your research notes and little sketches will come in real handy. Keep in mind that each of your paragraphs should present a new point. The best way to end your essay is to come up with a conclusion reiterating the main points stated in the essay by using clearly-formulated and straightforward sentences.

Best Art Essay Topics

It is true that art with its numerous styles, genres and types is a goldmine of essay ideas Listed below are some good art essay topics that you can benefit from whenever you're faced with the art essay challenge:

  • Leonardo da Vinci's 'The Last Supper': symbolism, style, and composition.
  • The fashion and textiles of native African peoples.
  • State and explain reasons why art education is undervalued.
  • Describe the 'La Note Bleue' painting by Eric-Fontaine.
  • Is theatre an art form that is potent enough to change the culture?
  • Christopher David White's 'Heart of Gold.'Describe the painting's structure
  • Describe four criteria for a good art piece.
  • Is graffiti another form of art? State and explain your reasons.
  • State and explain the reasons why 'The Birth of Venus' best epitomizes Renaissance principles.
  • Would you consider art as a good option for investment? State and explain your reasons.
  • State and explain the reasons that make 'Darkness Falls' by Patrick Hughes special.
  • State and explain the reasons that made Paris the center of art in the 20th century.

The best way to come up with a well-written art essay is to do extensive research of the art piece and its author. Apart from getting accustomed to the language used to describe art, you'll also learn to recognize the technique and style of the artist. Having all this knowledge at your disposal will ensure a perfectly executed finished product. It is noteworthy to mention that your approach and attitude towards the essay also counts: being in the right frame of mind helps you do away with distractions and concentrate on your work.

Being unique, art essays can cause the majority of students a lot of headaches. But it's too early to give way to despair! Our writing service will take the hassle out of writing an art essay and let you enjoy your life to the fullest! Buy an art essay online from us, and we guarantee that our team of dedicated writers will ensure that your grade for the finished product will be nothing less than A+!