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Being a student is no easy status. The journey of a student is one that often begins with a lot of goals to achieve top academic performance. However, once miles have been traveled along the chosen road, with more and more courses taken simultaneously, the demanding realities set in: many course assignments to be done with similar deadlines, preparation for tests and exams, while also trying to have an extracurricular life hanging out with friends, participating in sports and other social events. One thing stays constant: There are only 24 hours each day. Attempting to fit in all the activities above can be nearly impossible or highly challenging for a student. No student — including the smart ones — is spared this reality.

For the sake of understanding, it is useful to give the meaning of a comparative essay. A comparative essay is a type of essay in which the writer compares two or more ideas, objects, data, or people to compare means to evaluate the similarities between the things or people in focus. Although this is the core understanding, when writing a comparative essay, it is usually expected that there will also be an evaluation of the differences; this is what it means to contrast (to convey how the objects differ). Because there is an evaluation of similarities and differences between the ideas, objects, or people, a comparative essay is called compare and contrast essay. Writing a comparative essay involves the following:

  • Identifying the basis (thesis or argument) upon which the comparison will be made;
  • Researching the ideas, objects or people to be compared focusing on relevant information;
  • Listing the similarities and differences between the objects or people;
  • Structuring the essay content into an outline consisting of an introduction, body of paragraphs, and conclusion, while using a fitting approach such as alternating, mixed, or block methods to structure the paragraphs; and
  • Writing the actual essay.

When doing course assignments that involve writing essays, or specifically in this context, those that involve writing a comparative essay, it is not uncommon to spend more time than you thought you would just researching the topic or how to write the essay. Before you could say 'Jack!', you realize the D-day (deadline for submission) is around the corner, much closer than you could realistically start and finish writing your comparative essay. In the chaos and panic of your mind, you would almost involuntarily have these sorts of questions constantly voiced in your head:

  • "Who can help me write my comparative essay?"
  • "Considering the current deadline, where to buy a comparative essay?"
  • "How do I complete my comparative essay so quickly?"
  • "Can I find writers to buy comparative essay online according to my topic?".

Questions like these are not new but regular 'residents' in the minds of students amidst the chaos of juggling multiple courses, deadlines, and even worse — a job and academic studies.

If nothing is done, the result is usually a poor essay hastily written with little or no care for details. The final outcome, by extension, is a poor grade! No student should have to subject himself or herself to such chaos, panic, and poor results.

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