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Critical Thinking Essay Topics — Fresh Ideas For You

'What is a critical thinking essay?' 'is the question many of our customers are struggling to find an answer to. To help them out, we have tried to summarize the essential information on critical thinking essays, as well as come up with a good selection of topics for critical thinking essays in different disciplines. But let us begin by defining or, rather, explaining the concept. The critical thinking essay is an academic writing exercise which requires the student to critically analyze a certain problem, usually a highly contentious one. The writer's task is, therefore, to develop a well-structured essay in which they should analyze available information and opinions. The tricky part is that it requires them not only to refuse to recognize an opinion based on the authority of the expert who expressed it but also come up with their own position on the matter, suggesting some fresh ideas in the process. But where do they get such ideas? The starting point is, of course, a good topic, which is why it is so important to find good critical thinking essay topics ideas. We would like to share a few topics like these with our readers, and, hopefully, they will help them generate their own critical essay topics.

Interesting Topics For Critical Thinking Essays

When choosing critical thinking topics to write about, students should be careful to avoid the most popular ones, e.g., suicide, euthanasia, legalization of drugs and prostitution, etc., unless, of course, they have been specifically assigned to write on one such topics. The thing is that professors are perfectly aware of the fact that instead of generating their own ideas students pick one of the countless essays written on the subjects and rewrite their content. That is definitely not something you would want to be accused of, so try finding a problem you have a particular viewpoint on and analyze it critically from different angles. In case no bright ideas cross your mind, check out the following critical thinking essay topics list.

Humanities Critical Thinking Essay Topics

  • What makes a true film director? Is it innate or acquired?
  • What makes a good poem? Is observation of poem writing rules a guarantee of a good poem?
  • Why haven't we yet reached a hundred percent robotization in translation, fiction writing and website content? Is there a limit to what a robot can and cannot do?
  • Explain what Orwell's 'Animal Farm' is actually about. Try to interpret the novel's metaphorical language.
  • Do literary devices improve the quality of a literary piece? Are they still relevant?

Note that the list is by far not an exhaustive one and can easily be expanded with a lot more humanities critical thinking essay topics examples. Indeed, it would be wrong to assume that critical thinking essays are only written in humanities, and the below examples constitute a solid proof of that.

Space Critical Thinking Essay Topics For Your Reference

Writing a critical thinking essay sometimes involves dealing with space-related topics, and it is easy to see why: since we are only beginning to explore the space, we know very little about it and thus have to do a lot of speculating on the subject. Where there is little knowledge, there is a lot of room e for critical thinking, which is an attempt to fill the existing knowledge gaps with whatever available information. And because our knowledge of space is so sparse, space-related topics appear to be the most promising when it comes to critical thinking assignments. Let us explore but a few:

  • Are space explorations and related research important for the humanity or are they just a waste of money, time and other valuable resources?
  • How likely is it to find life in our galaxy or beyond it using the currently available methods? Can we be sure that inhabitants of other planets necessarily use radio or anything that resembles our language to exchange information?
  • Who was the first man on the Moon? Do we know the whole truth?
  • Does investing in space exploration mean investing in economic development?
  • Is it reasonable to develop space tourism?
  • Space colonies – the only chance of survival for the human species or simply science fiction?
  • How much do we actually know about space or, for that matter, about the galaxy?

We're providing you with only the most popular space-related critical thinking essay topics, but you're free to give your imagination free reign and come up with your own — just give it a try.

Good Critical Thinking Argumentative Essay Topics

Are you finding it hard to come up with topics for the critical thinking argumentative essay? Why not check out the below list and maybe you'll and find something that matches your needs?

  • Does it make sense to legalize the use of steroids in sports? If steroids are legal, their use does not create any competitive advantages, and thus no athlete will have the edge over their fellow competitors.
  • Mixed gender education in high school and college has a positive effect on the performance of students.
  • Should society support the homeless? Is society to blame for the sorry state they find themselves in? Isn't it their own choice?
  • Are the Olympic Games and other large-scale sports events only good for fans who have a good time watching them, and athletes who earn money that way?
  • Reading is not synonymous with education nowadays. The number of books read does not mean anything but only feeds the reader's ego. Can reading no longer be seen as an educational method?

Even though you now have plenty of critical thinking essay topics, you may still have neither time nor desire to work on the essay itself. And that's where we come into play! Order your critical thinking essay now, and our professional writers will make sure it meets the highest academic standards and is delivered in the shortest possible time!.