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Depression Essay — Writing Guide and Ideas

Today, many people who are facing difficult times may not know how to cope with their situations. Perhaps, this could come as a result of a loss of a family member, close friend or love partner, a job and inability to find another, financial troubles, bullying in school and so on. Regardless of age, many such people get so worried and downcast that their lives become a shadow of their past selves. They stop doing things they enjoyed partaking in previously, they may seclude themselves from others thereby creating a silent world in which no other person except themselves exists. Indeed, this could be a very dangerous reality. In no time, they feel life itself is no longer worth living.

Consequently, they start harboring suicidal thoughts. Depending on the severity of their feeling of despondency and their lack of access to psychological help, they could actually end up taking their own lives. It's a sad reality in our world of today. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that every year at least 1 million people around the world commit suicide. That translates to a death rate of 16 people dead by suicide out of every 100000 deaths globally.

Furthermore, this also implies that 1 suicide death occurs every 40 seconds. Sad but true, the statistics have worsened over the past years leading up to the present time. Over the past 50 years or thereabouts, the global suicide rate has risen by 60%. It now stands as one of the top three causes of death in the younger demographics for both male and female (aged between 15 and 44). Also, consider the following points from the WHO, that.

  • Attempts by individuals to take their own lives are up to 20 times more frequent than those who succeed in doing so.
  • Problems connected with brain health — with a heavy emphasis on depression and drug abuse — account for more than 90% of death by suicide.
  • More than half (about 55%) of global deaths by suicide happen to people aged between 15 and 44 years.
  • Suicide among the youth population is increasing at the fastest rate more than any other age demographics.

The suicide data given above paints a sad picture and should bother our collective human conscience. The younger generations who represent the future of humankind are giving up and taking their own lives for various pitiable reasons. Therefore, writing about depression on college essays is quite common for different schools.

Students taking courses on psychology or related subjects would likely be exposed to the topic concerning mental health. One such issue is depression. When given assignments to write a depression essay, students should at least know what the term means. Depression is a mental illness or disorder characterized by an overwhelming feeling of despondency (loss of hope) and a feeling of self-pity and unworthiness. Beyond knowing the core definition or primary meaning, it behooves students to familiarize themselves with the different aspects of the topic.

Consequently, for those writing about or using depression in college essays, the result will be a substantial improvement in their ability to write an engaging, informative essay on the topic. In addition to knowing what to write (content), having the necessary writing skills (how to express in writing the acquired knowledge in an engaging and grammatically correct manner) is a major part of writing on depression or any other kind of essay. It could also be a reality that you as a student do not have sufficient time to write your essay on depression even though you know what you want to write about. Having worked with thousands of diverse students over many years, we understand many such problems students like you face regarding essay assignments. Hence, we have worked hard to bring you practical and affordable solutions that help you succeed and improve your own writing skills.

College Essay "Depression" — Order from Us

For college students, the requirements and expected level of work would be much higher than for students in lower or secondary educational institutions. Some major ways this fact is reflected would be the sophistication or complexity and length of the paper. When planning to write an essay on depression, the structure should be paid attention to after establishing the essay topic. There should be the introduction, other key headings, and lastly the conclusion to the essay. A depression essay introduction can be started by briefly exploring an anecdote of a real person concerning the topic and what it led to. Alternatively, to create suspense, the outcome can be revealed much later in the essay. That is just one creative way to introduce the topic. After developing the essay body, the depression essay conclusion comes in as the final part. It should contain some key finding or lessons, outcomes, and briefly re-emphasize the key ideas.

That is just a tidbit of what is involved in writing such an essay. We have some of the finest experts and writers on wellness and mental health topics to assist students like you, not just ace your essay assignments on depression regardless of the complexity of the topic, but also improve your own writing skills by observing how they marshalled out key ideas creatively and professionally, worthy of accolades and high grades. You also get free revision as well to better align the diligently prepared work to your style or preference. Ultimately, you will receive a final piece of top-quality essay you can use to improve your knowledge, writing skills, and results. You also have access to a dedicated 24/7 customer support staff.

Depression Essay Topics Variety

For some students, they may be given the liberty of choosing from a list of given topics the specific one they wish to write about. In other similar situations, students may even have a greater degree of freedom to choose any topic in this context. What's more? The nature or kind of essay could be specific and given as a requirement. For instance, you may be only allowed to select from a list of argumentative essay topics about depression. Such a requirement about the type of essay (argumentative in this instance) automatically places some degree of constraint as to how the essay should be written even though you still have the freedom to select the topic of your preference. The following are some essay topics on depression students may choose to write about:

  • Exploring clinical depression (also known as a major depressive disorder).
  • Impact of divorce or separation on the mental health of children.
  • Influence of parents on the academic performance of their children.
  • Assessing the socio-economic impact of suicide on a nation's economy and social life.
  • Benefits of social circles or networks in helping people deal with depression.

This topic list could continue and be more extensive than you know. In short, students given the liberty of choosing depression-related essay topics will be spoilt for choice.

Depression Essay Outline Points

To get a quick and useful overview of what your essay will consist of, it helps to have an essay outline. You could think of the outline as being analogous to a skeleton — it gives a sense of what the final result will look like. When drawing up your depression essay outline, it important to understand the required structure and flow of content. Once you know the title, the main subtopics and headings and perhaps other key ideas that will be conveyed and developed as paragraphs under each heading, you are pretty much ready to draw up your essay outline.

Finally, as a reminder, you should know that you always have the opportunity to get the best depression essays from your essay writing assignments by choosing to engage us to deliver only top quality papers. We have rigorously selected expert writers knowledgeable and skilled in writing about wellness and health issues such as depression. You will be amazed at the quality of their work and attention paid to your requirements. Don't take these words at face value, experience it yourself. Get started. Place your order now!