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Essay on Space — Catch Your "A+" Star

How many times a week do you look up to the night sky and immerse your mind in its vastness and beauty? Do you often wonder how far the stars you see above at night are from our planet? Or have you sighted a full moon at night and wondered how long you would have to travel to be on its surface? Or perhaps, have you witnessed a solar eclipse in the past? These are some genuinely fascinating questions and occurrences that make Space an exciting topic. Its vastness alone is — for all practical ramification — beyond the comprehension of the human mind. Just consider that if you had to travel to Mars (the nearest planet to Earth farther away from the Sun), depending on speed, you would spend an average of about 300 days to get there — that's closer to being a year on Earth! Also, consider that the average distance between both planets is 33.9 million miles! When you then consider other planets farther away from Earth and even other celestial bodies outside our solar system, you quickly begin to grasp how little we, humans, are in the broader context of physical objects in nature. Space is a vast endless void, nature, and size of which remain beyond complete human comprehension.

In a bid to further our collective understanding of space and answer related thought-provoking questions, over many centuries humans have developed and used various instruments such as telescopes to observe and study the world above us. The last 60 years, however, have seen the most progress than any other period in the whole of recorded human history. Satellites that are serving for diverse purposes, rockets, advanced spacecrafts such as flybys, animals, people, and even a car — a Tesla Roadster in February 2018 — have all been launched into space. Extensive advancements in space science, rocket propulsion technology, optical and imaging technologies, computing have continued to enable tremendous progress in understanding the nature of astronomical objects and phenomena. Today, space travel is increasingly becoming routine as more private enterprises are getting into the industry that, in the past, seemed to have been the exclusive preserve of national government agencies. The result has thus far been increased and relatively affordable access to space. This pattern of increasingly affordable access and efficiency gains will most likely continue into the future as associated technologies improve further, and more competitors emerge. Just as today, air travel to varying destinations around the world is a normal part of human life, sometime within this century, it may become an everyday reality to routinely take trips to space for vacations. Perhaps, even newly-wed couples will get to literally have their honeymoon on the moon!

In the context of education, students taking courses in Geography or Astronomy — whether in high school or college (university) — should reasonably find the study of space intriguing. There is a vast and expanding body knowledge and history of human exploration of space that should interest inquisitive students. Consequently, those who are curious will easily rub their palms with glee when an essay assignment on Space is given. However, depending on the complexity of the given or chosen topic and other factors, writing an essay on space and science can be a challenging, albeit rewarding, endeavor. Factors such as required length of the essay (in words or pages), the tight deadline for submission and limited knowledge of students about the subject matter or poor writing skills can adversely affect their ability to write a remarkable space essay, worthy of a high grade. Even those who are excited and curious about the topic may not have the relevant writing skills or sufficient time for the essay. In a bid to restore order for students struggling with the topic or any of the issue mentioned above, while still juggling multiple courses and other demanding assignments, we have made available expert writers in the area of space science to assist them with essay writing about space.

Space Exploration Essay Ideas

Considering the nature of space, any piece of writing about it would be expected to be informative, revealing interesting observations or new facts to the reader. From the very first essay writing paragraph, space should become the most interesting matter for your reader. This point rings true, now than ever before, in light of the extensive exploration of space mankind has pursued in the past 60 years and the extensive body of knowledge that has been gained through this endeavor. By extension of this fact, any one of the most engaging topic areas to write an essay on would be closely connected to space exploration. The possible topics for a space exploration essay are numerous. Consider the following list of topics:

  • History of Human Spaceflight in the 20th Century.
  • Kinds of Man-made Satellites in Space.
  • Major Space Missions Using Space Probes and Flybys and Their Designated Objectives.
  • Most Powerful Telescopes Ever Built and Discoveries Made Using Them.
  • Use of Meteorological Satellites in Weather Monitoring, Problems of Space Debris.
  • The Relevance of Private Sector-led Spaceflight in the 21st Century.

Indeed, the list could be much longer since space exploration is apparently a broad topic. Therefore, when it comes to selecting a topic for an essay about space, students will most likely be spoilt for choice. However, after narrowing down a list and choosing a topic, the same problematic issues already mentioned earlier can still be stumbling blocks, for which we have created solutions.

Students who choose to engage us to assist them can be sure that they will receive top quality essay about space, prepared uniquely for each student by our expert writers who have the knowledge, writing skills, and extensive experience writing papers. They help students like you save time and improve your own writing skills and knowledge using their outstanding essays! Don't just read this, experience it yourself and ace your space essay assignment. Get started now and place your order in two clicks!