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Essays on Consumerism Professional Guide

Before we proceed any further, we should ask ourselves the question: 'What is consumerism'? It is true that consumerism has become a major part of our daily lives, the primary driving force behind it being the constant need to buy. Gone are the days when people made their purchases out of need. Gone are the days when the most revered and admired individuals were those with great intellectual powers. The Einstein and Aristotle of today's world are celebrities and non-celebrities who showcase their vast and luxurious possessions in the media. They are idolized as role models by the majority and thus a system whereby people feel they can only be accepted and recognized if they possess enough material wealth is created.

When it comes to writing essays on consumerism, the two most common types of papers that come to mind are the expository and argumentative essays. Having the same structure (the introduction, body, and conclusion), they both tackle one of the many issues our increasingly globalized society faces.

Consumerism Essay Structure in Detail

The introduction is the opening paragraph of your essay. Depending on the type and topic of the essay, you can include historical dates and locations to buttress your claims. The introduction in most cases contains the thesis statement of your essay made up of one or two sentences that narrow down the writer's main idea. Let's consider a situation in which you have been tasked with writing an argumentative essay on the effects of consumerism. The thesis for this essay could sound something like this: "Consumerism has both its pros and cons — as does everything else in life. But are we prepared and willing to live in a world where people who own the most flashy and expensive material possessions, such as cars and clothes, are held in much higher esteem than quiet and smart individuals who may offer a solution to the global warming problem? It may seem like a stretch, but this is what our world is gradually turning into due to the rampant consumerism of contemporary society."

In the above example, the writer summarizes the essay's main idea by acknowledging the pros and cons of consumerism before proceeding to reveal their stance on the subject by elaborating on the inevitable negative repercussions of consumerism in the near future. Before writing the introduction, you should do some research on the subject which will be most useful to you when the time comes to write the remaining sections of your essay. Just as its name suggests, the body is the main part of the essay where you arrange all the information you came up with in such a way as to grab your audience's attention and make them want to read your essay from beginning to end. Be sure to elaborate on each cause and its subsequent effects, so your audience understands and appreciate your argument. Keep in mind that it's important to write the essay with passion as this is the key attribute of every great writer.

Next comes the conclusion which seems like the easiest part of all, but oddly enough, it gives the majority of students a lot of headaches. Conclude the essay by making a quick summary of the main points that you have elaborated on in the essay. You can add a little bit more information if you feel you have to g but be careful not to overdo it.

Top Essays — Social Psychology of Consumerism

What is the social psychology of consumerism? It is basically the correlation between consumerism and the psychology of society. Your task is, therefore, to explain n how the two are correlated, showing the positive and negative effects of consumerism on society in the process.

For example, many people try to imitate the luxurious lifestyles of celebrities shown in the movies but end up having lots of debts and no savings. Another common factor that is contributing to the obsession with consumerism is an advertisement. Recent studies have established that the average American changes their mobile phone at least once a year. And it is not because it gets damaged but because they want to buy a new one. The 'the more, the better' principle Western society lives by also plays a detrimental role. Most people tend to think that the more material possession they have, the happier they will be. However, this is a total misconception because no amount of material possession can buy happiness.

Essays on Ethical Consumerism

Ethical consumerism is an ideology that is based on the premise that buyers should only consume goods that have been produced ethically. Examples of such goods include wood and paper products recycled with the approval of the Forest Stewardship Council, fair trade goods, energy efficient light bulbs, etc. Ethical consumerism has gone mainstream recently. But, as it is often the case with any new phenomenon, it has its downsides, one of them being that the revenue level fetched by ethical brands is rather low. These and many more are points and ideas that you can implement to create an excellent essay. Keep in mind that the format for writing essays on ethical consumerism is similar to the one that has been discussed in the previous sections.

Argumentative Essays on Consumerism

The argumentative essay aims to take a stance on a subject and gives several reasons buttressed by facts for supporting that claim. The consumerism argumentative essay has a pretty much standard structure: you begin y with an introduction paragraph followed the body and conclusion. Keep in mind that each new paragraph in the body part should present a new point.

Essays on American Consumerism

Due to globalization, consumerism and its effects are present everywhere, and the United States is no exception to this rule. However, it will be relatively more straightforward for a US citizen to write about consumerism in their country than for a foreigner. The only way for a foreigner to write this kind of essay is to make the adequate research which will be the first step in writing essays on consumerism in America. The subsequent steps are similar to the ones that have been discussed earlier on.

Good Consumerism Essay Topics for Students

Sometimes, it is difficult to come up with an essay topic, especially if you cannot choose your own one. Therefore, we have come up with some of the best essay topics about consumerism to ensure you have all that it takes to come up with a well-written consumerism essay.

  • Ethical consumerism and ways of improving it.
  • Consumerism and its effects on the environment.
  • Consumerism and its effects on children.
  • Is consumerism a necessary prerequisite for a healthy economy?
  • Marketing and consumerism.
  • Consumerism and its effects on teenagers.
  • Consumerism and obesity in the society.
  • Is consumerism really killing us?
  • Explain the claim that a consumer society is a throw-away one. Provide examples.
  • How consumerism affects our moral values.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics on Consumerism

So, what is the rhetorical analysis essay?

The rhetorical analysis essay breaks down non-fiction work into its various components to explain how their combination creates an effect on the audience. By the way, most students know of the rhetorical essay because they have to take the Advanced Placement Examination (AP exams). The format for writing rhetorical analysis essay topics on consumerism is no different from the one that has already been discussed. Let's have a look at are some noteworthy points that you should keep in mind when dealing with the rhetorical analysis essay on consumerism:

  1. Make adequate preparation before you start writing the essay;
  2. Organise your work;
  3. Ask questions;
  4. Read attentively.
  5. Use:
    • Ethos — refers to ethics;
    • Pathos — refers to the emotional reaction of the writer's audience;
    • Logos — refers to rational thinking.

Issue Exploratory Essay Topics on Consumerism

The only difference between the argumentative and explorative essay is that while the former seeks to prove only one point of view, the latter seeks to explore all the different viewpoints on a particular subject. The format for writing issue exploratory essay topics on consumerism is similar to what has been described above.

In conclusion, essays like this are necessary because they serve as a reminder of the negative and positive effects of our roles as individuals on this planet. We hope that by following the above guidelines, you will be able to write essays on consumerism regardless of the type.

Although this article provides a lot of useful tips, not everyone will have the time to read it through, let alone complete the assignment unassisted. However, there's still hope for you! You can always order any kind of paper with our writing service and our team of dedicated writers will happy to do it for you.