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Essays on Meditation — Understanding the Topic

In a world full of chaos and humans working to survive and thrive each day, the need to stop and reflect easily escapes the human mind. Perhaps, the only natural point at which it becomes obvious is when getting ready to sleep at night. One can argue that even this is only due to the body's circadian cycle (nature's daily biological clock). Otherwise, many workaholics would rather ignore to rest each day. Many have lost their lives due to immersing themselves in their daily work routines without stopping to get a significant amount of rest. The consequences of such protracted labor are stress, loss of work-life balance, and in some cases even depression. All these produce a negative effect on the person affected. What goes on in the human mind immensely affects the actions of the individual consciously or unconsciously. Attempting to find a remedy for this is where meditation plays a vital role.

Meditation is the practice of consciously focusing one's mind on a specific thing or object to elevate self-awareness, increase self-control, achieve calm, and relax both mind and body. The act of meditation dates back thousands of years, commonly practiced in religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and a host of others. In today's increasingly chaotic modern life, it remains widely practiced. People who seek to deliver themselves from the stress of daily work, the pain of past events, or even contain the effect of diseases, may resort to routinely meditating. In other words, nowadays, people engage in this practice for reasons far beyond religious routine.

Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are well known and varied. They can be psychological and physiological. The psychological benefits positively affect an individual's mind, whereas the physiological ones affect the body's functioning. Some psychological benefits include reduction or loss of anxiety, the sustained feeling of calm and control, mental concentration, deeper relaxation, positive outlook on life, and the desire to affect other people positively. Some physiological benefits are a lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduced blood cortisol level, and improved blood circulation and brain activity. These benefits are inextricably connected. All in all, the regular practice of meditation creates a heightened feeling of overall well-being, happiness, and encourages people to lead a subsequently healthier lifestyle.

As a student, you may be required to write essays on meditation in some courses. The essay topic may be specific, or you could be allowed to write on any theme concerning meditation. Familiarizing yourself with the topic area will help immensely in writing a remarkable piece of essay.

Essays about Meditation Step by Step

Assuming that before reading this text, you've never understood what meditation means, reading the above explanation on meditation has helped you to acquire a decent level of understanding of the topic and its relevance. Writing essays about meditation will require you to know more about the topic so that you know what to include in your paper. Meditation involves the use of various techniques or approaches to achieve the desired effects. Two such approaches are Concentration meditation and Mindfulness meditation. Concentration meditation involves actively focusing one's mind on a specific object or thing. The object of focus could be candlelight, listening to a song repeatedly, following a particular breathing pattern. The simple goal here is to increase awareness and focus the mind on the object for a sustained period. Mindfulness meditation involves paying close attention to one's thoughts as they emerge and drift through the mind. The goal is to increase self-awareness and understanding by actively monitoring one's flow of consciousness.

Students may also be tasked with writing essays on Yoga and Meditation. Accordingly, knowing a thing or two about yoga helps. Yoga is another popular practice that also involves meditation. It is a group of physical and mental exercises that serve to help the involved person achieve varying goals including self-awareness, discipline, psychological well-being, and happiness. It originated in India around the sixth and fifth centuries BCE. When you are asked to write yoga and mindfulness meditation essays, you ought to explore the techniques and practices involved or relevant to the topics beyond what you have read above.

Argumentative Essays about Meditation in Public Schools

In the context of student life, the observation of daily chaos and hectic activities to no avail is no less real. Students have multiple classes to attend every week, various assignments to work on while following deadlines, and the need to squeeze in their social and extracurricular life into the mix. For some people, there also exists the reality of bullying and conflicts with their peers. From a psychological standpoint, this can adversely affect victimized students. It is not uncommon to observe their academic performance drop substantially. They also tend to avoid socializing and become reclusive, or unwilling to go to school. Depending on an individual's viewpoint, such a chaotic pattern of activity would underscore the need for meditation. When tasked to write argumentative essays about mindful meditation in public schools, each student would have to take a stand on whether it should be adopted or practiced by every student (and if yes, should it be compulsory or optional). It is not enough to state your position. You also have to defend it with lucid and valid points to make your audience recognize your stance.

It may be easy to wonder about why any reasonable person would even consider such a useful practice as an unnecessary one in public schools, but supporting a chosen stance with coherent and compelling arguments is what lies at the heart of an argumentative essay. Variety, as the saying goes, is the spice of life. Whether or not you agree with others is not the task. To distinguish your argumentative essay you need to know how to write persuasively.

Persuasive Essay on Meditation

It should be obvious now that persuasion is the key to winning over your audience when you write an argumentative essay on meditation. You need to know what persuasion skills or techniques to use in your write-up. To create a persuasive meditation essay, consider using some of the following persuasion techniques:

  • Rhetorical questions: this can be used to ask questions that put the audience in a given situation and make them think about what decisions they would have to make.
  • Use the example from the lives of real people, perhaps known to you and the audience. That would put a ‘human face' to the issues you raise and effectively advance your point.
  • Powerful adjectives: Using words that clarify and create vivid imagery of what you are describing can make your point resonate in the imagination of the readers.

Meditation Essay Topics Variety

As mentioned previously, your essay assignment may require you to select any specific topic of your choice about meditation. Meditation topics for essay are broad and various. In this section, you will get insights as to what topics may catch your interest. You may not necessarily have an exact preference for a specific one among them, but hopefully, they get you closer to the exact topic of your choice. Another nugget to pay attention is always to ensure your chosen topic is acceptable by your course instructor. So here are 10 exciting topics around meditation.

  1. Meditation: An exploration of its origin.
  2. Being Mentally and Physically Fit: How to start and master Yoga.
  3. Mastering the art of Meditation: Powerful techniques of meditation.
  4. What active policies can be adopted by schools to increase and improve the practice of meditation among students?
  5. Can regular meditation help treat already existing diseases such as cancer?
  6. Yoga: Is it a thing for women alone? Can men get as many benefits from it?
  7. Should corporations have proactive policies on mental wellness that should be compulsory for employees especially those in high-pressure roles?
  8. Vacations versus Meditation: Is taking vacations to change environments a fitting substitute for the regular practice of meditation?
  9. Descartes Meditation: Exploring the 4-part Method
  10. Hume on the human mind: An exploration of Hume's Fork

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