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Immigration Essay Writing Guide for Students

Depending on what course you are taking or your college major, you may be given a course assignment that involves writing an immigration essay. If you have never written an essay on that topic, you would naturally struggle to write your essay quickly. The situation could be more unfortunate if you have limited knowledge about the topic or subject area. In other situations, you may have a clear idea of what you want to write about but be pressed for time to write the essay. That could often be an everyday reality for students taking multiple courses simultaneously with varying course assignments and activities running in parallel. Some of those courses may carry more weight — and consequently be more important — in your main academic field of study. In such tight situations, you could decide to select a line of action among some alternatives:

  • First, you may ignore doing the assignment. That is the worst decision and has the most undesirable outcome. You will most likely get no point by choosing to do so. The final grade you get for the course will undoubtedly be lower (if not outright poor) as a consequence!
  • Secondly, you could decide to do the assignment in a very carefree manner paying little to no attention to the specific requirements and how or what you write. The outcome of making such a decision is no more desirable than the first alternative mentioned above. You would most likely receive a low grade. Other things being constant, your final course grade will be negatively impacted.
  • As a third alternative, even with the chaotic reality earlier described, you can decide to save your time and also your grade by having one of our expert writers, versed in the subject area, assist you in writing the essay according to your taste and specification. Undeniably, you will free up the time to focus on other assignments and activities, while still ensuring that your essay is thoroughly written to get you the high grade you deserve.

We strongly believe every student deserves the benefit of having that third option. There is only so much you can do as an individual in a demanding and high-pressure academic environment. The beauty of our service is that you get your very own custom essay already knowing what it contains by the time you receive it since it is written with your guidance and specifications.

What is an Immigration Essay — From A to Z

The topic of immigration is relatively wide. Numerous issues and subtopics can be explored therein. Immigration is the movement of non-native people or foreigners to new destinations (usually countries) for permanent resettlement as residents and possibly obtaining citizenship after a required period and meeting other requirements. The purpose for which people immigrate may vary but could be classified as being economical, social, or political. Another way the term is understood includes temporary residence in a country as a migrant worker, student or some other status. It may be helpful to understand the meaning of a couple of related terms to immigration and how they connect.

  1. Emigration — this is the outward movement of people from a place with the goal to settle elsewhere or temporarily take residence in the new destination.
  2. Migration — this is the broad term that refers to the movement of people to and fro places. In other words, migration combines the ideas of immigration and emigration into one word.

As mentioned previously, the purpose of immigration varies. For people who seek to move to a different country to improve their income or career prospects, they are considered to be economic migrants. People who move primarily to be with their families or loved ones, or for similar reasons are considered to be social migrants. Others who are doing so to flee adverse political situations such as persecution of dissidents, politically motivated violence, or similar circumstances are referred to as political migrants. These are some basic ideas about the topic you should know when you are tasked with writing an essay about immigration.

How to Write an Essay on Immigration Properly?

Before you start writing your essay, it is necessary to know and clearly understand the requirements including topic, length of essay, structure, and others. To do a great job at writing the essay, it goes without saying that knowledge of the topic or issue is crucial. Researching the topic will be an excellent way to get familiar with the topic. However, you may not have sufficient time to allocate for it. That is what necessitates the assistance of our expert essay writers who are versed on the topic of immigration. That said, after researching, the next step is to structure the essay using an outline to organize the content. Then the actual writing begins with close adherence to the given requirements. There should be an introductory paragraph to help the reader understand what the paper will address and the writer's standpoint. Then the body of the essay will follow in paragraphs. They should be organized to flow into one another sequentially and logically. Finally, there should be a conclusion to the essay.

How to Start an Essay About Immigration?

As previously mentioned, having sufficient knowledge of the topic and what is the requirement is a good starting point. But with regards to writing, it also helps to know how to start an essay about immigration. There are always different creative ways to start your essay. Since the title will be the first line of contact with the reader, it makes sense to have a good title for an immigration essay if you are given the liberty of choosing a topic. The title should be inviting and catchy making someone taking a cursory look desire to read the essay. That said the title should conform with requirements like the character or word length and styling.

Immigration Scholarship Essay Contest

There are situations whereby scholarships are awarded to deserving students based on their performance in an essay contest. As should be expected, such immigration scholarship essay contests are typically competitive especially when the financial awards in scholarships involve appreciably large sums of money. For instance, students may be required to write an essay on a given topic and title about immigration.

Illegal Immigration Pros and Cons

Illegal immigration involves the movement of people to destinations in any manner that does not conform to existing laws of the destination country. When the chosen or given topic specifically concerns assessing or exploring the illegal immigration pros and cons, the nature of the essay would depend on the specific requirements. If, for example, it is required to be an argumentative essay, that means the student would have to take a position on the issue and attempt to persuade the reader to see and accept his views through coherent arguments. Regardless, this is an exciting topic to write an essay about.

Immigration Story

An immigration story involves exploring or revealing the realities of such a movement of people to a new country for whatever reason through the anecdote of a person or people who have gone through the process. It usually means getting the person or people in focus to share their experience and opinions regarding specific aspects of the process. For example, how long it took to get approved and receive visas or residence permit or even citizenship status.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Immigration

Similar to the pros and cons of illegal immigration, this topic is merely broader. It involves exploring the advantages and disadvantages of immigration. Some positive aspects would include the attraction of skilled labor, population boost if the destination country is underpopulated. The negative aspects may include a change in indigenous cultural landscape, overpopulation if the country is already highly populated, a decrease in employment opportunities, diminishing quality of existing public amenities due to fast population growth.

How to End an Essay about Immigration?

Depending on the type of essay being written, the way of how to end an essay about immigration may vary. However, it should have a concluding paragraph that summarizes the essay body and restates the key ideas or position of the writer on the topic. In other words, from reading the concluding paragraph, the reader should be able to get insights into what was written about in the essay body and the concluding point of the writer.

Immigration Essay Topics Ideas

There are numerous and varied immigration topics to write about, and here are some topics you may wish to consider:

  1. The economic impact of immigration (in a specific place over a period).
  2. The socio-political attitudes to immigration (in a particular country or location).
  3. Xenophobia: the realities (in a specific place).
  4. Should a border wall be built between the southern border of United States of America and Mexico? What are your main reasons?
  5. Refugee crisis: Should refugees be given a fixed term permit of residence in Europe after which they should return to their countries?
  6. What are the most pressing reasons for allowing liberal cross-border migration across Europe?
  7. Deadly sea journeys: Should Italy, Malta, and Greece accept all migrants who successfully survive the mediterranean sea to get to Europe?
  8. Illegal immigration flows into Europe: Consequences and solutions.
  9. US Immigration under Trump: Is a stricter immigration policy of Donald Trump beneficial or detrimental to the US Economy?
  10. DACA in the US: Should it be maintained or repealed?

Immigration Essay Outline Example

Although previously mentioned, the outline of an essay allows the writer to layout the structure of the essay and then build on it. But to be more specific, suppose you are required to write an essay arguing about illegal immigration, what could such an illegal Immigration argumentative essay outline look like? Below is an example:

  • The essay title -Illegal Immigration: More Pain and Drain than Gain;
  • The introductory paragraph — The nature of illegal immigration and why you stand against it;
  • Paragraph 1 — Some history, anecdotes about the issue of illegal immigration;
  • Paragraph 2 — The consequences and concrete examples perhaps using statistical figures;
  • Paragraph 3 — Pushing or advancing the arguments against illegal immigration;
  • Conclusion — Briefly restating supporting points, the consequences of illegal immigration, all logically leading to your position against it.

With the above explanations, immigration essay topics, and insights, we hope you can get started working on your essay. If for any reason, you have issues completing or creating your own essay, feel free to reach out to us. As an academic writing service with a history of excellence in our services, we can help you create essays that meet your particular requirements and do so in time without compromising the quality of the final work. You are going to be getting access to some of the most skilled and experienced writers available to assist you. If you have any questions about our service or how to get started, do not hesitate to contact our online support team who are always available around the clock to help you as best as they can.

We look forward to contributing substantially to your academic life.