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Money-back guarantee

Doing our best, we strive to meet all the needs of our clients, providing them with only first-class essays or any other papers. One of our main rules is to be open to the clients; therefore we would like to inform you a bit more about our money-back guarantee specificities in particular. The acknowledgment of reciprocal obligations by clients and our team helps us to work with confidence, assisting you at the highest level.

Because of our company’s dependability and solid reputation, our clients request a refund really rarely. Willing to make all the buyers pleased, we work tirelessly on every order and provide our customers with a free revision request possibility.

If the situation you've got corresponds the cases listed below, you can definitely count on receiving your money back. Do not forget that it's possible receive not only a part of the paid amount back but also the entire cost of your order. However, it depends on several conditions

100% refund

  1. The client made two identical orders by mistake
    In the event of finding yourself in such a situation, we advise our customers to get ahold of our support department and inform us immediately. Do not forget that the quicker you do it, the more likely it is that your order has not been assigned to our writer yet, which means that you’ll get a 100% refund, that’s why the order form cross-checking should be done thoroughly.
  2. Your order is canceled before we appoint the writer
    This situation is pretty self-explanatory. You can get all your money back if the writer hasn’t been assigned by the cancellation moment.
  3. When our service can't find the right expert
    We work only with professionals who have a vast knowledge of various spheres, but even for experienced workers, it could be hard to cope with a heavy workload given that the order requires very specific skills.
  4. Ordered once - paid twice
    This case occurs extremely rarely, and only accidentally. Having been billed twice for one order, don’t worry - inform us about it as fast as possible. After that, you need to show us the receipts copies and get your refund.

Partial refund

Sometimes you can have a partial refund if your situation is the same as one of those defined down below:

  1. Late delivery
    We work with a great sense of duty in terms of meeting deadlines, but sometimes, which is very rare, there are things that we simply cannot foresee. The refund amount is determined by several factors, that's why it is talked about on a case-by-case basis. In some cases, even client’s actions or non-actions might unintentionally become the reason for an overshot deadline. It sometimes can be difficult for us to begin working on the task because the customer has not provided us with some important documents. In cases like this, there won't be a refund. Make sure you do not postpone the sending of the necessary files because this step is extremely important if you want us to write your assignment properly.
  2. We began writing your assignment, but you want to call it off
    Taking into consideration the writer’s partial work, you're likely to be refunded with 70% of the total amount. Bear in mind that canceling your order past the halfway point to the due date allows you to get up to 50% of the full amount paid.
  3. Post-submission claim
    Let our manager know your feedback regarding our work, and we'll try to do everything to solve any problems. If your complaint is found justifiable enough, you'll be offered a refund. We want to assure you that we do our utmost for our clients to be pleased with the result, so such situations are extremely rare.
  4. Plagiarism
    If you have any evidence that clearly shows plagiarized content in the paper detected by a specialized service or software you can certainly submit it to us and receive a revision or partial refund as appropriate.

No refund

  1. If the mark is lower than you anticipated
    We do our best to provide our clients only with top-notch works, but, unfortunately, those can’t always ensure the best mark, since it often depends on your professor's or teacher's evaluation and your own expertise on the topic (e.g. if you must defend it).
  2. Ordering "polishing services" (editing, formatting, proofreading)
    When you ask our team to edit, proofread or format your paper, its content is left untouched We are not responsible for any claims regarding the content.

Money-back process

Once you apply for a refund and your application is confirmed, you will receive your money back not later than five working days after the confirmation itself. It's important for us to underscore that we don’t pertain to any problems which involve any third parties (banks and so on).

Make sure that the amount of your refund is larger than 10 USD; otherwise, you just can’t get your money back because of the transaction charges. If you wish to get a refund immediately, you are offered an opportunity to put this sum on your account to use it for your future tasks.