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Morality Essays — An Inside Look

This article aims to provide you with the best tips for writing essays on morality. But before we proceed any further, let's just try and understand the concept of morality. Morality is defined as the ability to differentiate between right and wrong or conformity to the generally accepted rules of conduct. Examples of moral virtues include compassion, justice, sincerity, kindness, and friendship. We have all been taught what is considered to be morally right, and it would be fair to say that it is the responsibility of parents and guardians to instill the proper moral code in their children. Failure to do so results in irresponsible adults society.

What is Morality Essay — Definition and Purpose

Just as the name suggests, the morality essay deals with morality-related subjects. Many years ago, there was a clear cut boundary between what was considered right and wrong. Unfortunately, the moral line has gotten blurry causing people to have increasingly less respect for morality. That is a pretty desperate situation and one that calls for immediate rectification — but what can we do? All we can do as writers is write essays about morality to create awareness of the degrading nature of our world, and that is precisely what our today's article seeks to achieve.

How to Write a Morality Essay Step-by-Step

The morality essays have a standard structure that comprises the introduction, body, and conclusion. Before embarking on your essay, it is important to make adequate preparations, which includes researching the subject using as many sources as possible. Keep in mind that the quality of your essay will depend on how well you have done your preparatory work.

Morality Essay Title Ideas

To ensure that you have all you need to write this essay, we have come up with a few examples of morality essay titles, such as:

  • Corporal punishment.
  • Racial discrimination.
  • Gender inequality.
  • What is the morality in The Great Gatsby novel?
  • Why is it necessary to be morally upright?
  • Slave trade.
  • Morality and its origin.
  • Politics and morality.
  • Morality in education.

Morality Essay Introduction with Example

Being the first paragraph of your essay, the introduction allows you to introduce the topic of your essay to the audience. Depending on how interesting your introduction is, your readers will decide whether to continue reading your paper or quit, so make sure to include as many attention-grabbing definitions, important dates, names and facts as you can. In this article, we have chosen corporal punishment as a topic to demonstrate to you how to write morality essay introduction, body and conclusion.

Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment refers to any physical punishment, such as flogging and caning, that is intended to cause physical pain in the hope of deterring a person from repeating a wrongful deed. Though accepted and practiced for years, corporal punishment involves the use of pain, and as such cannot be justified as a means of reprimanding individuals, and particularly children. There has been a lot of criticism of this type of punishment lately, with lots of people questioning its relevance in child development. According to some psychologists, corporal punishment results in violent behaviour, which is why parents should resort to other ways of bringing up their children. However, contrary to these claims, violence a amongst the youth has been on the rise in recent years. Could this be due to the decrease in corporal punishment at home and school?

Morality Essay Body

Writing the morality essay body requires adequate research and preparation. The more time and effort you invest in researching the topic, the better your essay will be. Be sure to introduce a new point in each of your body paragraphs. Write as many points as possible with examples to buttress your claim, for example: 'The topic we are discussing today begs the question: 'Is corporal punishment right or wrong?' To answer it, you need to express your opinion. Do you believe that corporal punishment is of paramount importance when it comes to rearing a child? Depending on what your answer will be, you can write as many reasons as possible supporting them with practical examples to buttress your claim.

Morality Essay Conclusion

In the concluding paragraph, you should briefly reiterate everything you have already stated in the previous sections of your paper. Your morality essay conclusion should be something along these lines:

It is true that corporal punishment causes physical pain to the child, and an excess of it is unacceptable. Nonetheless, its importance in child growth and development should not be underestimated either. Though it may cause pain, it still serves as an effective deterrent, unless applied in excess. Children tend to be very unruly and non-conformist during the adolescent age, which is why corporal punishment becomes a necessity when they fail to obey their parents' instructions.

Morality Essay Outline

The outline below seeks to simplify everything that has been said in this article so that you understand the general principle involved in writing the morality essay.

  • Title of the essay;
  • Introduction;
    • Thesis statement.
  • The body of the essay;
  • A conclusion of the essay.

Writing morality essays should be relatively easy because everyone has an idea of what is considered to be right and wrong. Nevertheless, young people now don't have as much respect for morality as their parents did. Morality essays can come in different forms, for example, if we speak about the Great Gatsby morality essay.

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