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A Truly Reliable Personal Statement Writing Service in the UK

Job hunting is a vital and complicated part of the adult life, and everyone has to go through it at some point. Nowadays, one of the most conventional ways of job seeking is by sending out a detailed CV via the Internet. The CV is the summary of your professional experience which also includes information about your personal and educational background. We cannot stress enough the importance of this paper, as it serves as the representation of you as a potentially valuable asset to the given company. The attractiveness of your CV determines whether you will be called for an interview and eventually get hired.

Why should I bother with writing a good personal statement?

A good personal statement is integral to the overall success of your job application. It makes you stand out of the vast number of other applicants and underlines all your strong points. Basically, your personal statement should be a sort of an advertisement that sells you and your professional qualities to the human resources agent or the member of the admission committee, in case if you want to enroll in an educational institution.

A strong CV which includes a well-written personal statement will give you a definite advantage over the competition because while other applicants may have a better education or work experience, they most likely do not possess the same personal qualities or ambitions as you do. And, frankly speaking, the employers are generally more interested in your personal capabilities and goals than the extensive educational background, because they know that having a degree from a prestigious university does not mean that you will be able to work effectively in a team or handle a great amount of stress. This is the type of information that should be included in your CV as well as the personal statement. Unfortunately, most applicants do not know how to proceed with writing a good personal statement. Therefore, their job seeking efforts usually end up in vain and lead to frustration.

In order to avoid that, you should spend a lot of time studying the art of CV composition or seek help from professional personal statement writers in the UK.

How to get help with writing personal statements and increase your employment chances

By now you have probably figured out that you can try to compose the CV and the personal statement on your own and then refine it through trials and errors by sending it to various companies and getting rejections. Or you can pay someone to write a personal statement that will surely get the attention of employers. If you don't have any qualified writers among your friends or relatives, you can always buy a personal statement online.

Many companies on the Internet provide decent linguistic services, but none of them provides better help with writing personal statements than do-my-essay.co.uk. Our writers will compose a perfect personal statement for you, and if you have already written a rough draft, they can conduct a thorough editing of your personal statement.

Some tips on how to buy personal statements online

Purchasing personal statements on the Internet is as easy as ordering a pizza. So, in order to get an all-around personal statement writing help in the United Kingdom, all you have to do is find and press the Order button or contact one of the support team members and just write the following in the online chat, Please write me a personal statement. Be sure that you will get an immediate response to your request. After that, you would have to perform the following steps:

  • Register on our website. This is necessary for you to be able to monitor the progress of personal statement writing and, if needed, communicate with a manager or a writer regarding various aspects of the job, and for us to be sure that we will be able to contact you at any given moment.
  • Provide the most accurate and comprehensive information about yourself: your personal qualities, educational background, work experience as well as personal traits and goals. It was already mentioned in this article that personal statement is meant for selling yourself as a competent, responsible, and socially adaptable employee. Therefore, try to go above and beyond in describing these aspects in your job description post. It is crucial for our writer to know everything there is to know about clients' positive traits in order to write perfect personal statements that can land the most lucrative job offers.
  • Specify the desired length of your personal statement. Usually, the length of a personal statement does not exceed 200-250 words. The employer would not want to read your full autobiography with vivid descriptions of your personal experiences. Our writers always try to write concise but meaningful personal statements that deliver the core message without taking too much of reader's time.
  • Provide all additional documents that may be useful for writing a custom personal statement. For instance, the copy of your diploma, the company's whitepaper, the list of requirements from the human resource department, or an example of a personal statement that helped someone get a job at the particular company. Any information, even the seemingly insignificant, may add that significant extra value to your personal statement.
  • Set the deadline. Writing a personal statement usually does not take longer than one working day but still try to be reasonable with the deadline, so that the writer would have a chance to acquaint him/herself with your personal information properly.
  • Choose the writer or ask the manager to post your job offer on the writers' dashboard. You will be notified when the writer submits the final version of your personal statement.
  • Pay for our personal statement writing service. We want to rest assured that the client won't disappear in the middle of the work process without making a payment, or tries to renegotiate the price of our services when the job is actually finished.
  • Read the personal statement and then either greenlight it or ask for a revision.

We are certain that you will be entirely satisfied with our writing services, and if anyone asks you, How do I write my personal statement? you will give them a link to our website.